About us

The Riverside Legal Professionals Association is a nonprofit, educational organization whose
purpose is to further knowledge of law and its procedures, promote a high standard of ethics,
encourage a statewide networking system, and advance the interests of our members and the
legal community.

Chartered in 1949, RLPA is a member of Legal Secretaries, Incorporated (LSI) which has been
in service to California legal professionals since 1934.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who has worked in the legal field for at least one (1) year as a secretary, paralegal, legal
assistant, stenographer, typist, clerk or reporter, in the office of an attorney licensed to practice
law in this state, or in the courts of this state, trust departments of bank or trust companies, or in
any other institution or office directly engaged in work of a legal nature, including the public
offices of the United States Government, states, cities, counties or municipalities.

How Do I Join?

Our fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30.  Dues are $55 per year which includes membership
in LSI as well as our local association.
About Us